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Financial Services Research Sources for the Non-Specialist
The financial services industry in Canada touches all aspects of the life of Canadians from bank accounts and stock portfolios to car insurance and everything in between.

This one-day workshop will not make you a financial services expert, but will help you to understand the current financial services environment and introduce you to some of the major resources which can be used to find information that is needed. The emphasis will be on Canadian sources which are freely and/or easily available on the Internet or at a local library, although international (primarily US) and specialized, fee-based resources will also be mentioned. A case-study approach, along with hands-on exercises, will help reinforce the information provided. During the workshop, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the current financial services environment in Canada and the part that these subsectors play:
    • Banking
    • Capital Markets (securities dealers)
    • Insurance
    • Asset Management (mutual funds, pensions)
  • Learn about and use essential resources for:
    • Company information, analysis
    • Industry statistics, analysis
    • Currency, exchange rates
    • Stocks, bonds, and economic indicators
  • Take away an annotated source listing for future reference
Note: Upon registration, the instructor requests that attendees include a brief note regarding their expectations of the course and what one thing they most want to take away from the course, in order that the course may be appropriately customized.
Target Audience:
Novice and non-business/financial information professionals or researchers who are interested in a basic understanding of the current financial services environment and identifying resources to help requestors more efficiently.
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